How long do you spend creating invoices for your doctors? If you said longer than five minutes, you’re already wasting too much of your time. In most practices, the process involves invoices created in Excel or Word, hours of manual input and verification, and even then there’s rarely a month that goes by without some small entry error.

That’s not a great way to do business. It’s slow, time-consuming, and doesn’t add anything to your bottom line. Instead, why not set yourself up with a piece of software that can get the whole process done in just five minutes?

Surgical Partners connects to your practice management software and automatically creates correct invoices. By pulling the billing information of your doctors, the software works with your accounting software to ensure everything is in the system and up to date.

So not only will you save your team hours of mind-numbing work, you’ll also help reduce input errors. Surgical Partners can also help reconcile patient fees within your accounting software and help you easily view how much is owed by each health fund.

For medical practices with too much admin and too little time, Surgical Partners simply makes sense.