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Get better data. Make better decisions.

Each month, get a detailed report on your financials. Use our insights to figure

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out how to grow your practice.

Go beyond numbers. See the bigger picture.

Your numbers

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are just one piece of the puzzle. We’ll also track qualitative KPIs to help you improve your business.

Helping You Run a Smarter Practice

Keeping your books in order is just the tip of the Medibooks iceberg.
We’ll help you run a more efficient business by providing…


Accurate Bookkeeping

Our core service, we’ll update your books so you can get a clear idea of your finances.


Profit/Loss Reporting

Each month, our report will show you what’s working and what’s costing you money.


Forecasting / Budgeting

Your monthly report will also show you if you’re meeting or exceeding your budget.


Clinical Data KPI Reporting

Our reporting can combine both financial and Non financial data that comes from your Practice Management Software.


Contracting Doctor Payments

We can prepare and send out your Contracting doctor payments on your behalf.


Data You’ll Love

Complicated data is useless data. Instead, your report is presented in a clean, easy-to-read format.

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Our team is made up of certified bookkeeping experts, each with years of experience,
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Bottom Line: Your Books Are in Safe Hands

Certified Experts

Our staff are all BAS agents and or part of the ICB Australia or CPA Australia.

Years Of Experience

Every single Medibooks team member has been in the game for well over 5 years.

Easy, Intuitive Software

Xero helps us generate accurate, easy-to-read reports on the metrics you care about.

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Meet the founder.

A CPA accountant, Nick Griffiths has been helping Medical and Dental practitioners get more value from their bookkeeping since founding Medibooks in 2013.

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