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Your Medibooks HealthCheck is the first step towards a better medical practice. Our experts will give you custom-tailored recommendations to help you save time, money, and resources.
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Your HealthCheck starts with a comprehensive review of your practice and it’s process.
Receive a report from our experts outlining inefficiencies and areas that costing you.
Our experts will walk you through the report and outline ways to quickly improve.

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Our CPA-certified team will help you eliminate waste, revamp time-consuming processes, and build a better medical practice.

An Outside Perspective

It’s hard to be objective about your own practice. Our experts give you unbiased, invaluable recommendations.

More Time for Your People

Free up your admin teams’ and practice manager’s time by reducing time-consuming tasks.

Proven Results

Implement our changes and help your practice run as efficiently as the top 5%.

Account Audits

See where individual accounts are costing you time and money by requesting an audit.

Reviewed in Your Report:

General Ledger
Xero File(s)
Accounts Payable
Daily Banking process
Payroll & Rostering
Contracting Doctors Payments
Online Banking Security
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